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We are a physician-led virtual healthcare company with partners and operations in both the US and international healthcare markets. We are also stakeholders at the United Nations, particularly focused on advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in improving the "3 As" of healthcare: Access, Affordability, and Awareness.

What we do: We collaborate with healthcare systems, payors, and governments to establish virtual healthcare ecosystems. Specifically, we create 360-degree virtual specialty care programs for wellness and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular, and renal diseases.

How we do it: We achieve this through our technology, specialist physicians, and strategic partnerships. Our AI-based and integrated virtual care Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform, Smartclinix, offers a comprehensive solution tailored for any virtual care program (acute, post-acute, and chronic care). It encompasses all the necessary tools for public and private health management programs, including remote patient monitoring, data analytics, and risk stratification. Smartclinix seamlessly integrates with existing medical record systems, diagnostic services, medical devices, and connects both patients and doctors with the necessary resources for specialized care at the right time and cost.

We are actively seeking to expand our partnerships in both the US and international markets to develop global digital and virtual healthcare ecosystems.



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