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BioStrand is at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, transforming the fields of biotech and pharmaceuticals with its LENSᵃⁱ™ Integrated Intelligence Platform, powered by patented HYFTs. This advanced Foundation AI model leverages AI to enhance drug discovery and data management processes. The integration of diverse biological data through HYFT technology allows for unparalleled analytical depth, accelerating research and development while revealing complex biological relationships. With LENSᵃⁱ's Foundation AI model our mission is aimed at uncovering breakthrough pharmaceutical solutions that are both safer and more effective. Join us as we lead the transformative era in life sciences:

Explore how the recent collaboration between BioStrand's LENSᵃⁱ Integrated Intelligence Technology and InterSystems' IRIS Data platform is transforming vector search across various unstructured data types. This partnership boosts efficiency and provides detailed insights at the subsequence level, reshaping data utilization in the industry.


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