Chickasaw Nation Industries

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About company

Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI) is a federally chartered corporation wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation. Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, CNI serves as a holding company with multiple subsidiaries that operate as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) engaged in several lines of business for both the federal government and commercial enterprises. Chickasaw Federal serves as the government contracting arm of Chickasaw Nation Industries, while our Filtration, Manufacturing, and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation lines of business serve commercial enterprises.

CNI supports a diverse culture that offers innovative approaches and customer-centered services. When you do business with us, you gain efficient and cost-effective solutions that help safeguard the environment, protect and secure key assets, and connect resources to needs.




2600 John Saxon Boulevard Norman, OK 73071, United States of America