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We are convinced that patients both can and want to become more involved in their care. Based on that belief we develop globally scalable digital tools to enable interactive communication between the various actors in the healthcare chain.

The solution began to develop in 2016 and the following year FRISQ Care got the CE-marking. Our belief in patient engagement and a more proactive approach drives us towards the goal of digitizing health care processes and making them available to healthcare providers and patients.

FRISQ has been listed since 2016. The company consists of 25-30 people with a background in healthcare, system development, business development and finance. FRISQ Care is currently used in, among other diagnoses, cancer, COPD, diabetes, orthopedics and mental illness.

Our solution should be for all professions in the care chain, ensure high quality of care and allow the patient to participate in their own care process.

We believe in a person-centered approach when working with care processes. This means that the patient is seen as a co-producer in their own care and that each individual’s own potential and abilities are seen as the starting points for the future treatment.