Jonda Health Pte. Ltd.

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About company

Jonda Health is a secure AI health data harmonisation and management solution to unlock access to standardised, unified and usable data.

Jonda Health offers two promising product solutions built on InterSystems IRIS – Jonda X and Jonda. These solutions embody Jonda Health's commitment to simplifying healthcare data harmonization and management.

  • Jonda X: Jonda X is a versatile, low-code data transformation engine. Expertly designed to manage blood laboratory data, Jonda X accepts inputs in an array of formats, from traditional data formats to PDFs and images, converting them into the naming conventions and units of your choice to address your data harmonisation needs. The file format is then transformed into your desired output format (FHIR, HL7 and more) to fit your unique needs making it easily consumable. Jonda X prioritizes data security, strictly adhering to GDPR, HIPAA, and PDPA regulations for assured compliance due to zero data retention. Jonda X is a comprehensive solution for seamless, meaningful, and secure healthcare data management.

  • Jonda: Our patient-facing application is a secure patient health data management platform powered by Jonda Health's Data Transformation Engine (Jonda X) that gives patients the power to control their health data. The perfect solution for life science companies, patient organisations, and employers who want to empower their patients with health data.


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