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About company is the Electronic Health Records (EHR) exchange and medical appointment scheduling system to connect clinics, HMOs and insurance companies, patients, doctors and pharma companies. allows any medical organization to get connected to any number of partners, totally avoiding the need to develop and manually support hundreds of integrations. integrates with various EMR systems, creates the interconnected space and offers on top of that:

  1. PRM for clinics to manage patients appointments and flow and to optimize clinics resources (services, time schedule, cabinets and much more)
  2. Mobile app for patients that offer online appointment scheduling, integrated EMR and built-in telemedicine solution (online and video-chat with doctors and clinics)
  3. Communication automation module for clinics and insurance companies to replace manual work by the automation of reconciliation acts and expenses reimbursement
  4. Telemedicine module that seamlessly integrates with MIS/EMR and allows flawless communication between patient, doctor and hospital.
  5. E-prescription (alpha version) solution to connect between clinics and pharmacies.
  6. RWD module (alpha version) to connect pharmaceutical companies to the instant flow of real world data (RWD) from partner clinics, structured and normalized