MediXSpace B. V.

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About company

We are MediXSpace. We help cancer patients get access to the best medical expertise no matter where they live and what languages they speak.

Our products facilitate and speed up the process of diagnosing cancer and defining the right treatment tactics. So far, over 50 thousands cancer patients had their cases reviewed through our Virtual Tumor Board since its first launch just 10 months ago. Almost 2 thousand doctors are using it right now. Each week, we process 2.500 new cases.

Along the way, our software collects highly structured and very accurate clinical data, and we develop tools that will help our clients to make this data useful.

We are not the doctors; we are the PLATFORM.

  • We make it super easy to put together a digital patient case.In fact, we had our first real patient on the third day after we presented our product to a private hospital.
  • We provide decision support tools that help reducing medical errors and match patients to clinical trials among other things.
  • We facilitate competitive, real-time discussion of patients’ cases in a hybrid or fully virtual environment.

Our mission is to reduce inequity in access to oncology expertise and deliver care to every patient.