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PainChek® Ltd is an Australian based company that develops pain assessment technologies.

Pain often goes unrecognised and under-treated in people with communication difficulties. PainChek Universal is a clinically validated smart device-based medical device that enables best practice pain assessment for all people, everywhere.

PainChek Universal is a complete point-of-care solution that combines the existing PainChek® App with the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). This enables best-practice pain management for all residents living with pain in any environment — from those who cannot verbalise pain to those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two.

The PainChek® App uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to detect pain in those who cannot self-report. This gives a voice to those who cannot verbalise pain, whilst also driving objectivity and consistency in all assessments. For those who can self-report, PainChek Universal also includes access to the Numerical Rating Scale, a well-established standard used to document pain levels amongst these individuals. PainChek Universal also supports pain assessment using both tools at the point of care, for those people whose ability to communicate fluctuates.