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Rubitection is an early stage medical device start up. We are addressing the clinical limitations of early pressure ulcer (PU) assessment by developing a low cost monitoring tool called the Rubitect Assessment System (RAS). The RAS is an innovative, low cost, and easy to use hand held device and mobile software system. It’s a decision support tool that allows any care giver to reliably monitor changes in the skin to detect a bedsore at its earliest stage and to provide data needed to design a personalize patient PU care plan. It addresses the problem with reliable early detection required to support Medicare reimbursement, avoid lawsuits, and improve care to save lives. The RAS represents a $4.2 billion US market which targets hospital, nursing homes, and home care. Our ultimate goal is to address the global problem with bedsore prevention and management by providing healthcare facilities and consumers with a low-cost reliable product that can be used by anyone in any care setting with minimal training.