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X-Analytic Incorporates artificial intelligence to the reliability of large mining processes. We create predictors of failure with an accuracy greater than 95%. It is a solution that incorporates new success stories in Shovels, Crushers and other critical Assets.
X-Analytic developed different data management modules and a disruptive analysis process that allows us to ensure the successful implementation and capture of value that each client needs, advanced models of Management, Prediction and Automation of Actions.

1.- Basic Solution Acid / reagent consumption - Oil state - Material moisture - Granulometry / Material hardness.
2.- Basic Predictions Transmission failure probability - P. belt failure - P. hydraulic system failure. Automation of simple actions (Alerts, Mail, Tickets, etc.)
3.- Complex Predictions Probability of failures and average time of useful life of a complete truck or its parts. Advanced automation active management of control systems, spare parts stock management, request activation, ERP interaction or other systems.

X-Analytic and InterSystems are related in the set of data solution technologies