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YANBOR LLC is a small software development company, developing the Online User Reporting software OUReports (working demo and business proposals see at http://www.OUReports.com).
Any organization with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, or InterSystems Cache or IRIS databases can use it for quickly generating highly informational and formatted tabular, graphical, and statistical reports.
Half of the hospitals in the United States use a local workstation system (like Midas+ Report Track Reports) to create customized reports for Care Management, Case Management, Provider Credentialing, Lab data, etc. Bringing these reports online is a difficult task.
As soon as Client is registered and a connection to the Client database is established, OUReports analyzes the structure of the database and generates a variety of tabular, graphical, and statistical reports, giving customers a powerful and convenient interface for data exploration and analysis and enabling end users to modify created reports and to create their own customized online reports. OUReports makes the creation of reports a fast and simple task that can be done by technical personnel after minimal training.
Our system utilizes only the restricted access to the customer’s database. All that is required for OUReports to connect to the customer database is the connection string with reading permissions. We never install anything or write data in the customer’s database.