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IMO Core is your Clinical Interface Terminology

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IMO Core: Clinical Interface Terminology enabling SNOMED and ICD-10 code capture in TrakCare

IMO Core delivers clinical terminology in a package that is specifically created for the region. These terms are not only clinically friendly, but they also map to relevant codes sets such as ICD-10 and SNOMED CT extension, as well provide language and spelling variations common to the region of the world. The solution is incorporated seamlessly into TrakCare. This content is specifically tailored for TrakCare and is maintained and updated by IMO regularly.

While SNOMED CT and ICD-10 are recognized standards for reporting clinical data, their use as a terminology for documentation and the capture of clinical intent at the point of care has proven to be frustrating to the clinicians and EMR vendors. Due to the nature of SNOMED CT, a term such as “stage 2 breast cancer, oestrogen receptor positive” cannot be located as a single concept using a SNOMED browser. It must be broken down into three sub-concepts requiring three distinct searches. This becomes impractical for most. Hence, very nonspecific descriptions, such as “breast cancer” are often captured in its stead. Complex terms relating to diabetes and its many comorbidities also create similar problems within the SNOMED vocabulary. This results in significant loss of clinical fidelity captured in the EMR, as well as inaccurate SNOMED and ICD-10 coding.

IMO Core provides a clinical terminology that is written in the language in which clinicians are trained. It also contains content at the level of detail needed to describe the medical conditions at the point of care. Selecting one IMO term captures their clinical intent when documenting in TrakCare. These terms are mapped, accurately and completely, to both SNOMED CT and ICD-10. This allows for improved clinician satisfaction while enabling better code capture as well.

In addition to clinical documentation and reporting there are many other downstream benefits when detailed clinical data is captured using IMO Core. Efforts relating to Activity Based Funding (ABF), analytics, population health, workflow management, clinical decision support, and others become more efficient and enhanced as well.

IMO does not replace SNOMED CT or ICD-10 when those codes are needed for reporting or analytic purposes. IMO Core simply enables a clinical user, who may not be a coding expert, to more easily arrive at accurate codes while documenting using a rich and detailed clinical language. That is why thousands of hospitals around the world have chosen IMO Core as their clinical interface terminology solution.

For more information regarding IMO, IMO Core, or any of our other solutions please contact us.

Dirk Kleppe MLD MSM
Vice President – Global Clinical Services

E: dkleppe@imohealth.com | M: +31 6 54 322 010 | T: +1 847-613-6652

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