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Web based reporting and dashboard platform

What's new in this version

What's New?

  • Major development on core engine components (23.2.6) that improve WebReports's overall performance, scalability, stability and usability. (Task 1616)

WebReports is a .Net Core ASP.NET MVC application, with API functionality, that provides authorized users interactive and read-only access to BridgeWorks VDM's Visualizations, an interactive dashboard and data visualization control, and Finished Reports, a professional quality report writer, using a compatible desktop or mobile browser.  WebReports is supported on both Windows and Linux Docker environments.

BridgeWorks provides the best of both worlds with a true hybrid approach to reporting.  BridgeWorks VDM is a robust and responsive Windows Application for designing reports and interactive data visualizations, and with a single click the report professional can publish the content to BridgeWorks WebReports, enabling your users to execute reports and dashboards via their browser in real time.  The integrated Scheduler allows users to schedule their reports to run anytime, day or night.  Queue reports for individual users or roles, set data retention requirements and allow your users to interact with or download their completed reports.

BridgeWorks provides InterSystems developers special and unrestricted access to our platforms for development and evaluation.  If you are looking for a stand alone, or integrated reporting and dashboard solution for your application, or if you'd like a one on one demo, please contact us at info@bridgeworksllc.com.


Finished Reports
Finished Reports