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Universal Database Manager and SQL Client

What's new in this version

Changes since 22.3:
March 13, 2023
Database drivers:

  • A new ODBC driver was added
  • OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration was implemented out-of-the-box in PRO versions
    Cloud Explorer:
  • Azure Cloud support was added
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL support was added in Azure Cloud
  • The text reader for the entity editor was improved
  • The text reader for the data grid was improved
  • Font settings are now respected in all editors/popups
  • Many new keyboard shortcuts were added
  • The catalog/schema selector now supports keyboard-only mode
  • Reader texts were localized
    Data Editor:
  • A few elements and behavior in Data Editor were redesigned
  • The issues with filtering and ordering data were fixed
  • The context menu was improved
    SQL Editor:
  • Query generation from human language text was added
  • The query execution plan was improved
  • Auto-completion issues were fixed
    Data transfer:
  • Data export to Google Sheets and Google Drive was added
  • Data export in SQL INSERT format now supports custom target table name configuration
  • PostgreSQL: The ability to create a full backup and SSL keys automatic conversion was added
  • SQL Server: VARCHAR(MAX) data type support and table column comments support were added
  • MongoDB: issues with running db.runCommand, JSON view and boolean values display were fixed
  • Teradata: multiple issues were resolved, including secure zones support and Kerberos authentication
  • Snowflake: Schema Compare and Table constraints reading issues were fixed
  • Redshift: The issue with access to Redshift Datashare was resolved

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Free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts.
Supports any database which has JDBC driver (which basically means - ANY database).
Commercial versions also support non-JDBC datasources such as
MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Redis, BigTable, ScyllaDB, DynamoDB, etc.
You can find the list of all databases supported in commercial versions

  • Has a lot of features including metadata editor, SQL editor, rich data editor, ERD, data export/import/migration, SQL execution plans, etc.
  • Based on Eclipse platform.
  • Uses plugins architecture and provides additional functionality for the following databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Oracle, IBM Db2, Exasol, SQL Server, Sybase/SAP ASE, SQLite, Firebird, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Teradata, Vertica, Netezza, Informix, etc.


You can download prebuilt binaries from official website or directly from GitHub releases.
You can also download Early Access version. We publish daily.


Just run an installer (or unzip an archive) and run dbeaver.

Note: DBeaver needs Java to run. Open JDK 17 is included in all DBeaver distributions.
You can change default JDK version by replacing directory jre in dbeaver installation folder.


Build from sources

See this article.


Contribution: help the Beaver!

Hooray, we have reached 35k+ stars on GitHub and continue to grow!
That’s really cool, and we are glad that you like DBeaver.

  • We are actively looking for new source code contributors. We have added labels “Good first issue” and “Help wanted” to some tickets. If you want to be a part of our development team, just be brave and take a ticket.
  • You can buy one of our commercial versions. They include NoSQL databases support, additional extensions, and official online support. Also, licensed users have priorities in bug fixes and the development of new features.

Thank you!

DBeaver is a desktop client.
If you are looking for a web-based database management tool - check our new product: CloudBeaver.
It is based on DBeaver platform and thus supports any database and most of DBeaver features.

23.0.029 May, 2023
Developer Environment
Works with
CachéInterSystems IRIS
First published
06 Nov, 2020