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Multiple medical devices. One solution to harvest their data.

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Digistat Connect is a medical device integration platform.
It brings together clinical data, events and alerts in near real time from medical devices such as patient monitors, ventilators, pumps, CRRT, spot monitors, wearable devices, etc. It then transforms these multiple inputs into a single flow of data, to be stored or transferred into other clinical systems such as the patient record.
Digistat Connect is vendor neutral.
It automatically collects data from medical devices, regardless of type or manufacturer.


Collect clinical data, alerts, waveforms
Ascom solutions are vendor neutral. We manage all driver and software integrations in house and maintain full control of our solutions’ development. This means you can select devices and systems best suited to your needs, safe in the knowledge that they can be integrated within the solution. Moreover, Digistat Connect goes beyond clinical data. It can also receive alarm notifications, which can be forwarded to mobile devices
anywhere in the hospital. Waveforms also can be displayed in near real time on mobile devices.

Make the most of Digistat Connect
Digistat Connect is a module in the Digistat suite. Adding other modules such as Digistat Smart Central and Digistat Smart Central Mobile makes clinical data accessible and sharable. Working together, these modules automatically collect clinical data and alerts, and display them on dashboards and caregivers’ mobile devices. Caregivers, no matter their location, always have full situational awareness. Harness all the data.

From reactive to proactive care
The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) engine enables the automatic application of clinical governance rules in order to support clinicians’ decision making. The CDSS interrogates multiple data points (from medical devices, clinical systems, etc.), and when appropriate, applies specific rules such as those used for Acute Kidney Injury, Early Warning Scores, and so on generating notifications.


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