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VS Code database management for InterSystems IRIS

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Initial Release

Welcome to Database Management done right. SQLTools provides connections to many of the most commonly used databases, making it easier to work with your data. With this tool, developers will save (a lot of) time, increase productivity and feel like a database hero.

SQLTools is an open-source project maintained by Matheus Teixeira and George James Software, alongside contributions from our brilliant community of users.


  • Connect to InterSystems IRIS and other databases from VS Code
  • Beautifier and formatter for SQL code
  • Query runner, history and bookmarks
  • Connection explorer
  • Generator for INSERT queries
  • Pluggable driver architecture
    Find out more in the documentation here.

Getting Started
SQLTools is a set of VS Code extensions that connect to, query, and display results from a SQL database manager. (See a full list of supported databases here).

The installation process is straightforward:

  • Open VS Code
  • Click the Extensions view (in the left bar), then search for @tag:sqltools-driver. This lists all the drivers available for SQLTools.
  • Install the driver for your database. This also installs the core SQLTools extension.
  • Click the SQLTools icon (in the left bar)
  • Create a connection to your database. To do this, hover over CONNECTIONS in the SQLTools pane. Click the "Add New Connection" icon and choose the driver and enter the connection parameters.
  • You can then open and query it from within VS Code.

Our aim is to build a tool that is genuinely helpful for developers. Therefore we welcome any feedback or additional feature requests – please submit them through the GitHub Issue system.

If you need help sooner, get in touch with the maintainers directly – we might be able to help you out.

About George James Software
George James Software has been providing innovative software solutions for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on the quality and maintainability of our code and we have built several tools to help developers achieve the same with their work. These are available as VS Code extensions here.

We also help other developers to build their own extensions. If there is a tool you need building please get in touch with us at info@georgejames.com.

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InterSystems IRISInterSystems IRIS for Health
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06 Mar, 2024