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A zero configuration ObjectScript debugger for VS Code.

What's new in this version

  • Correctly fetch password when connecting via a Server Manager tree entry.
  • Upgrade embedded Deltanji to version 7.1.

Serenji ObjectScript editor and debugger

Serenji, from George James Software, is an extension to debug ObjectScript in a simple and straightforward way so you can focus on producing high quality code.

Since it was launched over 20 years ago Serenji has become a staple tool for all InterSystems developers. Following its success, we re-engineered it as a fully integrated VS Code extension to provide seamless integration with namespaces in your InterSystems environments.


  • Debug in just one click with zero configuration.
  • Run ObjectScript code directly without debugging.
  • Execute one command at a time, stepping in, out or over each statement.
  • Set breakpoints and watchpoints dynamically.
  • View and modify variables at each stack level.
  • Direct navigation to the line in the source file where the error originated.
  • Optional integration with server-side source control.
  • Browse, explore and edit ObjectScript (CLS, MAC, INT, INC and CSP) directly on the server.


Serenji works with the following InterSystems environments:

  • InterSystems IRIS
  • IRIS for Health
  • Ensemble
  • Caché
  • HealthShare

on Windows, macOS and Linux workstations.


Serenji file explorer and editor are free to use, it is just the debugger capabilities you'll need a license for. Licenses start from £395 / $495 / €495.

We offer a free 30 day evaluation for Serenji debugger. Contact us at info@georgejames.com to arrange a trial.


Click the Download button at the top of this page.


For any help or queries you can reach us at support@georgejames.com and a member of our team with get back to you.

Release notes

The focus of version 3.2 is on improving the debug experience. New features include:

  • Debugging in just one click with zero configuration.
  • Navigation directly to the source of an error using our gj :: locate technology.
  • Intuitive prompting for entrypoint and arguments.
  • Configurable break on error.
  • Program output in debug console.
  • Run and Debug CodeLenses.
  • Run multiple concurrent debug sessions and consoles.
  • Shaded background for read-only documents.

See the release history for detailed lists of changes made in this and previous releases.


Your download also includes a free Solo license of Deltanji, our version control tool. Deltanji helps users organise, document and manage ever-changing systems and has been proven to improve the quality of the develop process and quality of the finish product. You can find out more about Deltanji here.

Deltanji version control Solo edition is free to use. We also have Team and Enterprise editions to work across multiple environments - you can find out more about the different editions here.

About George James Software

Known for our expertise in InterSystem technologies, George James Software has been providing innovative software solutions for over 35 years and we pride ourselves on the quality and maintainability of our code. We have built a number of tools to help you achieve the same with your work which you can view here.

3.2.319 Apr, 2023
Developer Environment
Works with
CachéEnsembleHealthShareInterSystems IRIS
First published
01 Jun, 2018