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C2-Ai - an evidence-based risk stratification tool that uses machine learning algorithms that enables more efficient prioritisation of the NHS waiting lists and identifies those patients in need of individualised prehabilitation, whilst allowing for risk adjusted benchmarking of clinical and financial outcomes (in line with GIRFT). Already well established in C&M and supporting other NHS Trusts and ICSs across a number of regions. Smart triage is used to identify and track modifiable comorbidities and perioperative clinical risks from the multiple community-based (primary care) and hospital (secondary care) data feeds, as well as tracking risk adjusted clinical outcomes post operatively to ensure equity for disadvantaged groups and clinical improvement from the interventions.
The C2-AI PTL analysis utilises highly accurate (both sensitivity and specificity) Physiological and Operation Severity Score for the enumeration of Mortality and Morbidity (POSSUM) scoring system for each patient derived from the primary and secondary care comorbidity coded data.
For example, by applying a risk-based scoring matrix to a number of key measures for each patient, hospital providers are able to more accurately prioritise each patient and include Social determinants of health (SDoH) and other qualitative factors.



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