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FUME, The Industry Standard for Frictionless FHIR® Conversion

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FUME Designer's interactive interface, combined with FUME Engine's powerful FHIR® conversion capabilities, are setting the benchmark for transforming legacy data, including HL7v2, to and from FHIR®

**FHIR® Out-of-the-Box: **End-to-End Solution for FHIR-Based Interoperability

Designed to facilitate your organization's transition to FHIR® standards, FHIR® Out-of-the-Box is a comprehensive solution that combines the robust data integration capabilities of InterSystems with FUME, a powerful FHIR® Converter, by Outburn LTD.

IRIS - FUME Plugin for InterSystems seamlessly integrates the flexible FUME FHIR® Converter with InterSystems, including IRIS and HealthShare Health Connect. It efficiently transforms messages between HL7v2, CSV, and FHIR®, facilitating healthcare interoperability.

The web-based interface empowers business analysts to configure routing rules with real-time validation and no coding required. The tight integration with InterSystems enables streamlined runtime execution based on the predefined routing rules, triggering the corresponding FUME mappings through an API. This simplified setup requires a one-time configuration per messaging type, fast-tracking the transition to FHIR®.

**Key Features: **

  1. End-to-end Solution: The synergy between FUME and InterSystems ensures a frictionless transition to FHIR® standards.
  2. Interactive FHIR® Mapper: Empowers data analysts and integrators to define, edit, test, and validate transformation rules in a graphical environment, removing the need for complex coding and flattening the learning curve.
  3. Seamless FHIR® Conversion: Whether your source data is in HL7v2 or CSV format, FHIR® Out-of-the-Box efficiently manages conversions to and from FHIR®.
  4. Deep Integration: Take full advantage of InterSystems' deep integration capabilities to ensure seamless interoperability and effortless integration with existing workflows and processes.

With FHIR® Out-of-the-Box, organizations of all sizes can seamlessly incorporate FHIR® conversion capabilities into their business processes. Whether you're a startup seeking regulatory compliance solutions, or a large healthcare provider aiming for data standardization across multiple legacy systems, FHIR® Out-of-the-Box offers a comprehensive solution for achieving FHIR-based interoperability.

Take advantage of an integrated approach, where FUME and InterSystems work in harmony to streamline FHIR-based transformations and enable your organization to achieve seamless interoperability.

1.0.003 Jun, 2023
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InterSystems IRISInterSystems IRIS for HealthHealthShareTrakCareInterSystems FHIR
First published
03 Jun, 2023